4 good reasons to adopt silk scrunchies

Silk is increasingly used for the manufacture of essential fashion accessories such as scrunchies.

Indeed, silk scrunchies are very effective against hair problems such as dry hair or even brittle hair for example.

Upon contact with silk, hair regains its natural beauty and becomes smooth, shiny and much less brittle.

Which makes it the ideal ally for all hair types.

Indeed, silk does not contain any chemicals. On the contrary, natural silk threads are originally composed of natural protein chains , and spun by silkworms fed by natural mulberry leaves , and the best types of berries to obtain the best silk threads , unlike to other synthetic materials, and even natural ones, like cotton, which need pesticides while they are grown.

So the classic stretch bun will no longer harm your hair! Thanks to silk scrunchies , the softness of the fabric allows you to tie and untie your hair without damaging it! Silk accessories ( bonnets , sleep masks , pillowcases, etc.) are recommended for our hair.

Still not convinced?

Here are in detail the 4 good reasons to adopt silk scrunchies.

Silk helps soften hair

Gros chouchou pure soie trio - 4 good reasons to adopt silk scrunchies

1) Less brittle hair

We told you, silk scrunchies protect your hair, but how?
By significantly reducing unnecessary friction between them and various other materials. Silk also helps you maintain your hairstyle or the shape you give your hair for as long as possible. Which means you'll wake up without much hair change even after a restless night.

Also use silk scrunchies for your hairstyles when you go out, these will be perfect for every occasion! In addition to not leaving any marks on your hair, you will not have the problem of knots with the elastic . Since silk is not rough at all, your hair will also be much less rough and healthier.

2) They contain protein

Natural silk contains proteins that allow it to make your hair dry softer and shinier, while protecting and nourishing them. You've probably already heard of silk proteins. Silk protein is a hair active ingredient , coming from unused fabric cuttings in factories . Much more than just waste, these scraps allow us to collect the beneficial protein for curly, straight, frizzy or afro hair .

3) Less tangled hair

We know that silk helps prevent your hair from tangling, so it won't take forever to untie your knots! Therefore , in the long run , the less hair tangling , the less shedding .

Silk helps soften hair by at least 30% within a short time of using it as a pillowcase or scrunchie, it also helps stimulate hair follicles and roots for new germination and lengthen existing hair more quickly.

Gros chouchou Pure Soie 19 momme champagne - 4 good reasons to adopt silk scrunchies

4) They will provide you with perfect natural hydration

You know that hydration is very important for our hair, and silk provides perfect hydration, because it can retain the natural moisture of the hair since it has anti-absorption properties.

In fact, it does not absorb or interact with natural hair fats secreted by the body and does not absorb any moisturizer or hair care product , especially during the sleeping period.

This is the period when the body secretes vital oils necessary for the vitality of the hair, which are not absorbed by the silk scrunchies or silk in general, unlike all other materials or fabrics which act like a sponge absorbing these materials from the hair and preventing them from benefiting from them.

Convinced ?

So to your favorites, in silk !

Your hair will thank you in no time. You can buy silk scrunchies at Emily's Pillow .