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Our best sellers

Discover our essential silk products including the 100% silk pillowcase.

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Pure Silk Scrunchie Trio
Gros chouchou pure soie trio Gros chouchou pure soie trio
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Trio of BIG Pure Silk Scrunchies
Gant Exfoliant Pure Soie rose Gant Exfoliant Pure Soie rose
Pure Silk Exfoliating Glove

Our silk pillowcase:
why favor it?

  • Premièrement

    Shinier hair,
    less brittle

    Our silk pillowcase is 3x softer than cotton! The hair “glides” and does not get tangled.

    Results: less brittle and shinier hair!

  • Deuxièmement

    Anti wrinkle,

    We spend about a third of our lives on our pillowcase.

    The surface of our silk pillowcase offers the skin less friction, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Troisièmement

    More hydrated skin
    and bright

    The silk pillowcase is the only material that does not absorb creams and the hydration layer.

    It is a “hydrophobic” material (does not absorb water).

  • Emily's Pillow -
  • Emily's Pillow -
  • Emily's Pillow -
Taie d'oreiller Luxe 25 momme Emily's Pillow

Our values

Taie d'oreiller Luxe 25 momme Emily's Pillow
A French brand with manufacturing in France

We have relocated manufacturing to France for our LUXE silk pillowcases.

Taie d'oreiller Luxe 25 momme Emily's Pillow
Quality and Transparency

100% organic silk, reinforced seams, vegetable dyes, Oeko Tex. Production in Asia and France.

Taie d'oreiller Luxe 25 momme Emily's Pillow
1% for the planet

We donate part of our turnover to the movement.

“Silk, an anti-hair breakage ally. Silk contains amino acids and proteins, so it will provide hydration to your hair.”

Taie d'oreiller en soie - Emily's Pillow

Why did I create
Emily's Pillow?

"I discovered the benefits of silk pillowcases in 2012.

I was looking for a solution to take care of my hair and help it regain its shine after significant hair loss.

I was amazed by the result . My hair was less damaged and as a bonus, my skin was less tight when I woke up!

A few years later, I wanted to democratize the benefits of silk by creating a responsible and committed brand. Emily's Pillow was born. "

partenariat Lisa layering japonais xsoie emily's pillow

The opinions of professionals

“Silk pillowcases are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for sensitive skin or skin prone to eczema and rosacea.”

Lisa NGUYEN, Naturopath, massage and lymphatic drainage practitioner Renata Franca, Paris 16th.

You talk about it better than us

It changed my nights!

“The softness of silk soothes me. I feel like I’m in a cocoon”

Marie L.

I found my curls!

"My hair is less messy in the morning and my curls stay even after a night's sleep."

Isabelle B.

My hair is definitely shinier

"I highly recommend you try it, you won't be disappointed! My hair is definitely shinier."

Laura M.

Our ambassadors

They are won over by our products.

  • Emily's Pillow - Our ambassadors

    @maudparys Epicurean, who brings color to your daily life!

  • Emily's Pillow - Our ambassadors

    @claireandreewitch Committed Naturopath, always good advice.

  • Emily's Pillow - Our ambassadors

    @lilylovesfashion Passionate about fashion, good outfits are always on trend.


Our pillowcases are made entirely of silk. 100% silk, nothing but silk.

Our silk products are washed in a washing machine by following these 3 instructions:

  1. wash at 30°
  2. with a spin of 600 revolutions maximum preferably
  3. wash inside out. Good to know : use white vinegar to replace your fabric softener. This takes care of your laundry and your machine!
  4. air dry (dries in a few hours).
  5. no need to iron.

You can also consult our guide to the care of the silk pillowcase HERE

From two pillowcases purchased, you benefit from -15% on the cost of your silk pillowcases. All you have to do is enter the HAPPY code once you reach the payment stage.

The choice of relay point is made once you have registered your order, after the payment stage. If you have the slightest doubt about your choice of relay, contact us at