Taie d'oreiller en soie - Emily's Pillow

Why did I create Emiy's Pillow

"I discovered the benefits of silk pillowcases in 2012.

I was looking for a solution to take care of my hair and help it regain its shine after significant hair loss.

I was amazed by the result. My hair was less damaged and as a bonus, my skin was less tight when I woke up!!

A few years later, I wanted to democratize the benefits of silk by creating a responsible and committed brand. Emily's Pillow was born."

Taie d'oreiller en soie - Emily's Pillow


The silk pillowcase is one of the best-kept beauty secrets in history. Even empresses and princesses insisted on sleeping on silk to preserve their hairstyles, the shine of their hair, and the beauty of their skin upon waking.

Silk is a material that has always fascinated. It is a fiber that offers unparalleled softness to the touch, naturally reflects light, and possesses a sublime blend of flexibility and luxury.

As a child, my grandmother made us sleep on satin sheets. The idea was there : the concept of a noble and supple material, a delicate touch, and above all, the pleasure of slipping into fabric that protects our skin and hair.

It is to pay tribute to this material and those cherished memories that Emily's Pillow was born.

Taie d'oreiller en soie - Emily's Pillow

Our silk

I didn't want just any silk. My team and I selected suppliers with ancestral expertise in provinces renowned for this craftsmanship. Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, the dyes are plant-based, and free from toxic substances.

With Emily's Pillow, the goal is to perpetuate this tradition and constantly renew and materialize our ideas to bring a touch of modernity to this craftsmanship.

The company's story began with our flagship product, the silk pillowcase. Since then, Emily's Pillow has grown significantly and offers numerous items, all 100% silk. You will find silk scrunchies, silk face masks, sheets, and now beautiful 100% silk kimonos!

Taie d'oreiller en soie - Emily's Pillow

We have also developed a premium 25 momme silk pillowcase line, crafted in a workshop in northern France.

Finally, our silk pillowcases and all our products are stocked in Paris, ensuring prompt delivery to you.

Ordering from us is a guarantee of quality, excellent customer service, and joining an adventure that is just beginning.

With Love,

Laure Lagarde, Founder of Emily's Pillow