The silk pillowcase: used as an anti-aging beauty product

Who wouldn't want to stay young forever?

For this beauty of yesteryear, we resort to numerous and various anti-aging products, and even cosmetic surgery, to limit the marks of time.

Treatments are multiplying to restore youthfulness to the skin. From remodeling fine lines to dermal rehydration. So many products to limit our little wrinkles. However, few people achieve satisfaction after years and years of treatment of this kind.

Nature is well made and has always been capable of solving the small daily ills of human beings. Like silk, which can preserve and limit these signs of aging.

How can this be done?

An anti-aging product specific to each person

It must be recognized that over the years, the skin loses its radiance and health. Dehydrated, furrowed and damaged, the fleshy covering ends up giving up its youth.

From the age of 25, cells no longer renew themselves as quickly, thus favoring the appearance of signs of old age. To treat this, and decelerate this cycle, there are treatments which are still capable, but which also have setbacks. Depending on each person's skin type, day and night creams, face lifts, lighteners, anti-dark circles and anti-wrinkles, antioxidant and depigmenting serums and even plumping masks are the business of major beauty brands.
However, you should know that these products, sometimes or often, do not achieve peak conclusive results. Sometimes undesirable effects occur, which counteract the expected results.

Natural remedies, however, exist. With patience, the skin can easily flourish, thus preserving its natural beauty, without side effects arising.

Mulberry silk pillowcase can maintain the skin's natural moisture.

Why not the silk pillow?

The silk pillowcase is a recognized anti-aging agent, because it considerably delays, and without much effort, the signs of aging. Directly attached to the skin, it can contribute effectively to dermal health. Especially when used at night, when the skin regenerates much more quickly than during the day. Indeed, silk is a natural fiber rich in enzymes, proteins and amino acids. These components make them a real virtue for skin health.

Generally, it hydrates and limits the appearance of wrinkles, but it has other benefits, which simply take care of the health and well-being of the person who uses it.

By sleeping on a silky texture, the skin is relaxed and is not attacked by friction which weakens the skin and causes sleep wrinkles. The latter, namely, end up being permanent wrinkles.

Unlike cotton, mulberry silk pillowcase is soft and smooth.

Thanks to this, nocturnal movements of the head do not affect the skin in any way when it rests on silk. As for its moisturizing capacity, this is due to the very consistency of silk. In fact, the silky fiber is almost anti-absorbent, since it only absorbs 11% of its total liquid weight.

So the mulberry silk pillowcase can maintain the skin's natural moisture. It must be emphasized that the skin's moisture regulating mechanisms are essential so that it can breathe and regenerate properly. The skin therefore remains fresh and perfect, from early morning!

taie d'oreiller en soie Emily's Pillow - The silk pillowcase: used as an anti-aging beauty product

Sleeping on silk

We spend almost a third of our time on a pillowcase. It is therefore logical to favor a material that does not damage the skin, which cotton does not allow.

The latter, exactly, is rough and absorbs moisture, which can crease the skin, and anticipate wrinkles.

While the skin relaxes on the silk pillowcase and remains hydrated, wrinkle-free and pleasantly relaxed. It benefits from the hypoallergenic properties of silk. In fact, it is woven in such a way that impurities cannot infiltrate it, because silk is a most hygienic structure! The enzymes present fight small and large skin imperfections, such as acne or eczema. Even experts on the subject recommend silk pillowcases for individuals with sensitive skin or irritated skin.

Antibacterial, also and above all, silk says no to harmful allergens

The skin then remains protected from allergy pimples and various skin infections. Since it cannot retain impurities, the silk pillowcase cannot absorb other products. Silk then remains an ideal and unique companion for various care and treatments, since there is no risk of the pillow sucking up the products intended for the skin.

Emily's Pillow taie d'oreiller en soie - The silk pillowcase: used as an anti-aging beauty product

Otherwise, you should know that silk can also regulate body temperature. So to speak, the 19 momme silk pillowcase or 25 momme maintains body temperature so skin stays cool in warmer weather and warm in colder weather. The skin cannot then be damaged by temperature changes.

All these natural benefits make silk a long-term anti-aging solution, because silk, it must be emphasized, is one of the strongest fibers, like steel wire, and one of the most durable.

The more well-maintained the silk, the more it preserves its virtues and its beauty, and the more effective it is in terms of its anti-aging function.

The entire dermis, in addition to being spoiled by this silky texture, rests on this majestic fabric!