The silk pillowcase: an ally for your hair

The silk pillowcase is an ally for your hair, in fact silk is renowned for its multiple benefits on health, skin and hair.

For some people, taking care of hair is a chore. Obviously, it is not easy to take care of your hair. When you think about the multiple shampoos, protective serums, or finding the right formula for the scalp, applying a mask... It all seems endless.

However, it is advisable not to fight too much against your hair type, but rather to maintain its natural color, because the use of products can damage it.

Hair is much more beautiful when you let it be as it really is. And for this, silk is the best ally for your hair to keep it perfectly natural.
Indeed, the silk pillowcase has many virtues so that your hair is naturally beautiful, well treated and maintained. Thanks to the silk pillowcase, your hair will stay hydrated and easy to brush when you wake up.

The mulberry silk pillowcase is, for example, 100% natural silk and is not composed of any other chemical elements that could harm the well-being of your hair.

The key elements of silk are mainly amino acids and proteins which are essential for the well-being of your hair.


Hair care is just as important as skin care. There are several ways to properly treat hair, but everyone has their own methods. Some people spend a lot of time taking care of their hair naturally, while others spend a lot of money on temporary beauty products that are only effective for a short period of time. Many people are unaware that the silk pillowcase is hair's best friend, the best product for its well-being.

Silk is anti-absorbent, meaning it does not absorb particles and is therefore the ideal moisturizer for all hair types, sleep on a 19 or 25 momme silk pillowcase with products on the hair is safe. The products you have applied to your hair will remain intact throughout your sleep and until you wake up.

The silk pillowcase also protects your hair against static electricity and boosts the substance that gives hair its shine. The majority of people with beautiful hair all use the silk pillowcase, a simple method, which does not take time and is very effective. You just need to sleep on it.

Thanks to its 18 amino acids and these proteins, the silk pillowcase helps to restructure the hair.

Taie d'oreiller en soie Emily's Pillow - The silk pillowcase: an ally for your hair


We know, the silk pillowcase contains amino acids. More precisely, it contains 18 types. In fact, amino acids are the main components of a protein and proteins have the role of restructuring the particles or components of an organ, tissue or appendages, that is to say that if our cells regenerate, it is thanks to the protein. If our body were a house, we could say that proteins are the building blocks, the fundamental elements of the house. So, protein deficiency in hair can lead to hair loss and dryness. We can therefore conclude that natural silk proteins are essential for the well-being of hair.
Apart from reconstituting cells, proteins also play a protective role against bacteria and viruses that can invade the body. They also have a protective factor against sunburn and UV rays.

The silk pillowcase contains five main amino acids out of 18 which are necessary for the well-being of the hair. There are vitamins and zinc, arginine, glutamine and methionine. Vitamins ensure hair growth, and are responsible for their health too. If hair growth is slowed or if it breaks, it means that the hair is deficient in vitamin B. If there is hair loss in a person, then it means that the person is deficient in vitamin C , because they are responsible for the connection between the hair roots and the red blood cells which transport iron, nutrients and oxygen.

Zinc is responsible for the formation of keratin which is an essential protein for hair formation therefore hair loss can also be characterized by zinc deficiency.

Arginine is an amino acid that has a great impact on the formation and growth of hair thanks to the nitric oxide it forms. It irrigates the roots to boost hair growth.

Methionine, for its part, is responsible for the structural reinforcement of the hair, that is to say that if the hair is reinforced, this will prevent its loss; in other words, alopecia.

And finally, glutamine also strengthens the structure of the hair, essential for hair development, a glutamine deficiency can also cause alopecia. Our body can produce it, but with time and age, it will no longer be able to produce it, so we must look for it in silk.


Hair needs hydration, and the silk pillowcase is hydrating. The cotton pillowcase, it is very absorbent and sucks up the particles that keep your hair hydrated, so if you spend 8 hours sleeping on cotton, this is why you wake up with dry hair The morning.

Emily's Pillow taie d'oreiller en soie - The silk pillowcase: an ally for your hair

Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk does not absorb particles from your hair but on the contrary, it promotes them and helps moisturize them well. Silk is one of the most resistant and soft materials. With the silk pillowcase, the natural protections that the hair secrete are not sucked away, so your hair stays in shape and more hydrated the more you use the pillowcase.
This way, you will wake up every morning with beautiful, hydrated and detangled hair. It works for curly, straight, frizzy or afro hair , but also for brittle hair, having a silk pillowcase can help you keep the beauty of your hair thanks in particular to silk proteins.

Silk protein is a hair active ingredient, coming from unused fabric cuttings in factories. Much more than just waste, these scraps make it possible to collect the protein beneficial to all hair types.

Silk also has an insulating property which allows your head to maintain a temperature adapted to the environment which will suit your hair better.
If you are hot at night, the silk pillowcase provides you with freshness which will prevent your hair from getting tangled due to the sweat released by the heat. If you sleep in winter and feel cold, the mulberry silk pillowcase will automatically be warm and moisturize your hair so that it cannot be dry.

As you see, the pillowcase is a real ally for your hair and is an excellent beauty product .


Aside from protection, the hair also secretes a substance which ensures its shine; silk helps or boosts this substance by its virtue of producing amino acids and natural proteins. Silk preserves your hair and protects your hairstyles, so that every morning you wake up with hair that is much less tangled and less electric too.

taie d'oreiller en soie bois de rose - The silk pillowcase: an ally for your hair

They will be less electric since the silk pillowcase does not produce static electricity due to the friction of hair on electron-rich fabrics such as cotton. By sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, your hair will transmit electrons to the cotton, then the lack of electrons will cause your hair to become positively charged and will repel each other because of carrying all the same charge. .
In fact, there is static electricity in your hair because the balance between the charges of protons and neutrons is not respected. This is how, after a night of sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, in the morning, you find yourself with messy hair. However, if you use a 100% natural silk pillowcase, you may not have the same results. On the contrary, you will have hair that is detangled and easy to brush.

The silk pillowcase is made from 100% natural silkworms, that is, there are no other chemical compositions added to it.

taie d'oreiller en soie Emily's Pillow - The silk pillowcase: an ally for your hair

Many experts have done research and concluded that it is far better to sleep with a silk pillowcase than a cotton one. The virtues of a silk pillowcase are comparable to those of cosmetic products, but the difference is that the silk case is not only natural and without harmful or negative effects, but its purchase represents a long-term investment . It has various virtues in terms of protection, improvement or deficiency, in summary it is a real ally for the hair