Taking care of your skin by sleeping on silk

Taking care of your skin is one thing, preserving it is another story...

1 - Guaranteed hair hydration

Taking care of your skin is one thing, preserving it is another story...
We would all like to keep our skin smooth, soft and luminous or at least healthy. But over time and with the attacks that our skin undergoes daily, our skin pays a high price.

Namely the effect of makeup, soaps, the sun, there is also pollution, etc… In short, any excess is harmful and with our pace, it is unavoidable!

It is now more than necessary to pamper our skin! Remember that our body is our first best friend and will be for life.

Silk, the magic key to healthy skin

Baby skin for everyone

We must admit, we are all dazzled by the skin of a newborn: soft, without any blemish, simply perfect.

What if it was possible to preserve this skin?

The mulberry silk pillowcase has unparalleled qualities to beautify and preserve the beauty of our skin.

More concretely, how will silk help us?

Silk is a natural protein fiber of animal origin.

The resulting proteins are composed mainly of the amino acids alanine, glycine and serine, which means that it has a much greater ability to produce hydrophobic fibers than other materials. Hence its strength in hydration, very essential for the entire dermal structure of the skin.

In addition, silk is approximately 43% softer than cotton, which limits friction during the night.

Sleep on silk, wake up in style.

To maintain good health, sleep is essential.

In addition, the latter promotes the beautification of the skin, in addition to ensuring its well-being.

According to Maryse de Wever , a sophrologist specializing in sleep: "Sleeping is essential for the balance of hormonal and metabolic secretions, for the control of blood sugar, appetite, and more generally weight."

Several epidemiological studies have notably shown links between sleep deprivation and obesity, notes the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV).

Problem : nowadays, lack of sleep affects a majority of the working population.
In 2014, French workers slept an average of six hours and fifty-five hours per night, and a third slept less than six hours*.
“Some need nine hours, while five may be enough for others. It is not the most important time of sleep, but its quality, which depends on the correct sequence and progress of the cycles.”

If just sleeping can be so beneficial, then sleeping on the silk pillowcase can be even more beneficial. Indeed, if you don't know yet, silk is a natural anti-aging agent. .

Its texture makes it an ideal structure for pampering the skin , and therefore limiting the effects of aging. When sleeping on the silk pillowcase, the skin remains fresh and healthy at all times.

Silk does not retain impurities

Silk helps the skin feel more alive. Thus, during the night, the skin is cared for, while being rested.
Sleep creases become smaller and fade easily, and the complexion always remains luminous.

How is it possible ? You should know that the silky texture is hygienic, hence its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.

To put it in a simpler way, silk fights allergens. Thus, it overcomes acne, various skin allergies, and even eczemas.

In fact, many dermatologists prescribe sleeping on silk pillowcases to cure patients with sensitive or irritated skin.

Silk anticipates and fixes wrinkles, it acts effectively on skin imperfections.

Sleeping well would therefore make it possible to resolve certain weight problems, to have beautiful skin (it regenerates at night) as well as top morale. After a good night's sleep on the mulberry silk pillowcase , the skin is fresh in the morning!