25 momme or 19 momme silk pillowcase?

What is a mom?

The unit of measurement used to determine the weight of silk per square meter is the momme.

When purchasing a silk pillowcase, you can estimate its quality and thickness in relation to its weight which is defined by its momme.

Therefore, superior quality silk is not determined by the number of threads unlike cotton, but by its weight.

Indeed, you could find the same number of threads on two pillowcases, but their qualities could be completely different.

An index in momme, a unit used to measure the density and quality of silk, is given to each mulberry silk pillowcase.

This index is used to identify the fineness of the fabric and its resistance, regardless of its weave.

The unit ranges from 10 to 25 momme.

A momme for every type of confection.

Silk fabrics are available in different qualities depending on the final product to be made.

For making various accessories, scarves and light silk clothing, we will choose fabrics with less than 12 momme.

Those from 12 to 16 momme are intended for making silk pajamas , silk scarves or silk lingerie. On the other hand, this weight is not suitable for a silk pillowcase because of its lightness.

With fabric of 19 momme and above, you can make silk pajamas and bed linens. For making sheets, 19 momme is the ideal index. 25 momme would be too "heavy" for everyday use.

The softness of silk limits irritation and redness, prevents dehydration and limits hair breakage.

Taie d'oreiller en soie Emily's Pillow - 25 momme or 19 momme silk pillowcase?

Why buy a 25 momme silk pillowcase?

25 momme is the highest index for silk and this unit represents the finest quality of silk.

It will be the thickest and most voluptuous silk with a perfect drape.

Its lifespan will also be longer than lower momme units thanks to its thickness.

Moreover, our 25 momme silk pillowcases weigh 100 grams while our 19 momme silk pillowcases weigh approximately 70 grams.

The benefits of the 19 momme silk pillowcase.

The 19 momme unit remains a very nice thickness for a pillowcase and it will accompany you for many years. The satin finish will be identical to a 25 momme pillowcase.

The "fall" will be slightly less voluptuous because the fabric of a 19 momme is thinner and lighter. Also, if the budget allows you, we of course recommend that you treat yourself to the finest quality of silk which remains 25 momme and which will last for many years, but a 19 momme pillowcase will bring you all the advantages of silk for a more affordable budget. Good quality silk and respect for a quality manufacturing process do not allow us to offer pillowcases for the price of a cotton pillowcase. The price of a silk pillowcase, whether in 19 momme or 25 momme, remains higher than all other materials because the manufacturing process and the material remain rare.

On the other hand, this fabric, as strong as steel wire, is a real beauty investment that will last for many years.

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Why use a silk pillowcase?

The benefits for your hair, your skin and your sleep are multiple. Opting for a silk pillowcase allows you to enjoy silky hair, glowing skin and restful sleep. Choose silk and discover all the amazing benefits it can offer you.