Cocon de soie
Cocon de soie
Cocon de soie
Cocon de soie
Cocon de soie


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Discover our 30 silk cocoons, for daily well-being of your skin. From our own mulberry fields, these cocoons bring natural softness and hydrating benefits to your skin every day. Transform your beauty routine with the exceptional elegance and comfort of our silk cocoons.

Silk care

Mulberry cocoon, 100% natural


Soak the cocoons in water at 40°C for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse the cocoons so they are reusable.

Cocon de soie

Why use it?

Our silk cocoons offer you natural protection thanks to their key components, fibroin and sericin . Fibroin is a resistant protein which gently unclogs pores without damaging your skin, while sericin, composed of 18 amino acids, will promote the production of collagen, protect the epidermis and maintain your hydration. So opt to use our cocoons for healthier skin.

Cocon de soie

Origin of cocoons

Our silk cocoons come from the mulberry fields located next to our production, guaranteeing local and eco-responsible provenance. By growing our own mulberry trees, we reduce the carbon footprint linked to transport. In addition, this proximity allows us to maintain high environmental standards throughout the manufacturing process. Opting for our silk cocoons means choosing an ecological approach that supports sustainability

Cocon de soie

Usage tips

Before use: Soak the cocoon in water at 40°C for 2 to 3 minutes.

During use: Moisten your face, put your fingers in the cocoons and make circular movements.

After use: Rinse the cocoons, dry them, then store them to be reused 2 to 3 times.

Why is our silk
Incredible ?

  • Best quality

    A very high-end silk, grade 6A, which lasts for years!

  • A production in France

    A partly French confection, in Lille

  • Historical workshops

    The 3 workshops we use have been selected for their know-how and expertise in silk

  • Oeko Tex

    Our silk is organic, without harmful products and with vegetable dyes

"The silk pillowcase has many benefits for the skin but also for the hair. We explain to you why you should invest."


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3 things must be respected when washing your silk product so that it lasts over time:

  1. you have to wash at 30°
  2. with a spin of 400 rpm (600 max)
  3. wash inside out

In addition to this, it is recommended to wash them in a small protective bag and with similar colors.

Silk pillowcases dry very quickly, in less than a day they will be usable to sleep on again ;)

Very practical, you do not need to iron your silk products.

You can also consult our guide to silk care

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