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About our products

Our pillowcases are made entirely of silk. 100% silk, nothing but silk.

Fermeture taie d'oreiller en soie

The pillowcase closes with a very discreet zipper, hidden in the seam.

We worked with the workshop to reinforce the seams to have very strong seams on both ends.

3 things must be respected when washing your silk pillowcase (or your sheets) so that it lasts over time:

  1. You must wash at 30°
  2. With a spin of 400 rpm (600 max)
  3. Wash inside out

In addition to this, it is recommended to wash them in a small protective bag and with similar colors.

Silk pillowcases dry very quickly, in less than a day they will be usable to sleep on again.

Very practical, you do not need to iron your silk products.

You can also consult our guide to the care of the silk pillowcase HERE

The most practical way to wash the silk face mask is to wash it with Marseille soap (another soap will do just fine) under hot water.

The mask then dries within a few hours. It is also possible to machine wash it at 30 degrees.

Soap kills bacteria and microbes and it is therefore not necessary to heat our fabrics to 60 degrees to kill viruses and bacteria.

Our silk is produced in China, the birthplace of silk since time immemorial. For information, there is no longer any silk production in France , or only very small volumes reserved for artistic crafts.

We have selected the most beautiful silk, grade 6A (the longest and highest quality thread) and incomparably soft.

Our partners are small cooperatives of 30 people who weave the silk themselves and do the sewing.

Apart from sending from China to France, return trips are therefore very limited. In addition, our stocks are based in France, which allows us to group the shipment of our products to limit the carbon impact.

Other anti-green washing info: French linen, for example, unfortunately goes to Asia to be transformed into yarn before returning to France to be woven. The carbon impact is therefore no better than what we offer with silk.


We have created a range made in France in order to favor French labor and know-how.

The silk will always come from China but it was important for us to bring added value to our territory.

The momme is the unit which defines the weight per square meter of silk .

This is why our 19 momme pillowcase will be lighter than the 25 momme by around 40 grams.

The higher the momme unit, the thicker and heavier the silk will be. The 25 momme is the highest unit in existence.

The texture for the 25 momme is therefore more luxurious because the material is denser and thicker.

However, the 19 momme is quite satisfactory knowing that the silk resists over time.

Our fabric masks are classified in category 2 until we can receive feedback from the laboratory.

Silk has excellent filtering properties because it is the tightest weave with microfiber.

We therefore have a good chance of having a category 1 classification within a few weeks. But until the tests are carried out, we put it in category 2.

Delivery and return

Our products are delivered within 48 hours to your home or to a relay point depending on the delivery method chosen.

We leave your order "on hold" for 24 hours to modify it if you wish, then it is delivered within 48 hours.

Please note that our stocks are in Île-de-France, which allows us to deliver to you very quickly.

For products sold as pre-orders (out of stock), the shipping time will be communicated to you on the product page.

If there is a problem or question during delivery, you can contact us at

Emily's Pillow is not responsible for missing packages after deposit recorded by the carrier. Once your indicated package has been delivered, our responsibility is no longer engaged. Refunds or resends will be made on a case-by-case basis.

In the event of a problem, we recommend that you contact the relevant carrier directly.

Simply return your pillowcase via a Mondial Relay point.

Steps :

  1. Create a return label on the following link: Mondial Relay return label
  2. Drop off your package at a Mondial Relay point
  3. Send us by email ( your order number indicating the reason for the return. The total amount of your order will be refunded upon receipt of the package in our warehouses.

You have 30 days from the date of receipt to return an item to us.

Simply enter your email and postal code used when ordering on this link .

You will then have precise monitoring of the status of your order.

If your order is not yet found by the system, this means that it has not yet been shipped. A little patience and it should appear shortly.

Le système de précommande signifie qu'un produit n'est pas disponible immédiatement, mais qu'il peut être réservé à l'avance. Cependant, veuillez noter que la livraison des produits en précommande est estimée entre 1 et 4 semaines à partir de la date de la commande.

Une fois que la commande est prête à être expédiée, les clients recevront un e-mail de notification confirmant que leur commande est prête à être expédiée. Cet e-mail inclura également les informations de suivi afin que les clients puissent suivre leur colis jusqu'à sa livraison. Nous vous remercions pour votre patience et votre compréhension pendant cette période de précommande.