Special silk detergent

Special silk detergent

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  • Ultra soft
  • 25/30 washes
  • Preserves the softness of silk

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The ideal detergent to take care of your silk.

A sweet scent of orange blossom so that your silk retains its softness and beauty forever. Its one liter format allows you to do 25 washes and maintain your silk for at least a year. To take care of you and your silk Emily's Pillow thinks of everything!


Dermatologically tested, contains no phthalates (derived from phthalic acid), preservatives, antioxidants, colorants, or optical brighteners.

Enriched with organic aloe vera extract, known for its softening and dermo-protective properties, Pikoc laundry detergent provides protection and gentleness for the most sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic fragrance designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Usage tips

It can be used both in the washing machine and for handwashing.

Dosage for a 4 to 5 kg washing machine load:

- 40ml for moderately hard water

- 30ml for soft water

- 60ml for very hard water

Three things we recommend for washing your silk product to ensure its longevity:

1. Wash at 30°C

2. Spin at 400 revolutions/minute (maximum 600)

3. Wash inside out

Taie d'oreiller en soie - Emily's Pillow

A gentle and respectful wash with Pikoc.

Pikoc offers natural household products that preserve the quality of your silk. Their laundry detergents, formulated with 100% natural ingredients, ensure impeccable washing while respecting the environment and your skin. By emphasizing fragrance and eco-responsibility, Pikoc offers products made in France.

Why is our silk
Incredible ?

  • Top quality

    Highly luxurious silk, Grade 6A, designed to last for years !

  • Production in France.

    Partially made in France, in Lille.

  • Historic workshops

    The three workshops we use have been selected for their craftsmanship and expertise in silk.

  • Oeko Tex

    Our silk is organic, free from harmful chemicals, and dyed with plant-based dyes.

The silk pillowcase has numerous benefits for the skin as well as for the hair. Let us explain why investing in one is essential.


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3 things must be respected when washing your silk product so that it lasts over time:

  1. you have to wash at 30°C
  2. with a spin of 400 rpm (600 max)
  3. wash inside out

In addition to this, it is recommended to wash them in a small protective bag and with similar colors.

Silk pillowcases dry very quickly, in less than a day they will be usable to sleep on again ;)

Very practical, you do not need to iron your silk products.

You can also consult our guide to silk care.

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