How do hormones affect skin and hair?

The impact of hormones on the Appendages (Skin and hair)

If we know that the skin is subject to external attacks, such as pollution, UV rays or cold... It is also impacted by an internal factor: hormones. Right away, a quick overview on hormones and how they can affect the skin.

Their concentrations influence the appearance of the skin throughout life. Indeed, the body undergoes hormonal upheavals which result in numerous changes to the skin and scalp.

1 - Skin side

Concerning the skin, several molecules act on our body, notably progesterone and estrogens.
Progesterone can tend to increase sebum production (oilier skin) while estrogen tends to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (hence slightly more supple and hydrated).

There are several cycles per month.

During the first cycle (at the start of the period), estrogen dominates, then during the second part of the cycle, progesterone takes over. The menstrual cycle lasts approximately 28 days and can be divided into 4 key phases, which are marked by skin changes throughout the woman's cycle: the week of menstruation, the pre-ovulatory phase, the post-ovulatory week and the week before your period.

An impact also occurs on the skin during hormonal upheavals. Facial skin tends to produce more sebum, before and during periods, and therefore more oily during these periods. With inflammation often more pronounced and the risk of seeing imperfections appear, particularly on the forehead, around the jaw...

Miyé x Emily's Pillow - How do hormones affect skin and hair?

2 - What is cortisol?

Cortisol is one of the hormones that influences the skin, also called stress hormone. A high and constant level of cortisol, linked to chronic stress, tends to sensitize the skin and can then cause premature aging of the skin.

To modulate this rate downward, it is important to dedicate moments of relaxation, and to reserve relaxing routines for ourselves and our skin.

[MY] REGENERATING OIL , which has been designed to preserve the balance of the skin microbiome, fight against oxidation and stimulate the skin's regeneration mechanisms, will be ideal for a moment of massage and well-being.

Miyé x Emily's Pillow - How do hormones affect skin and hair?

3 - Hair side

Did you know ? From the age of 35, the drop in estrogen in women can lead to an acceleration of hair cycles and therefore thinning and more marked hair loss. Around the age of 60, it is estimated that our hair may have lost almost half of its density, following various hormonal changes in women (puberty, postpartum, peri-menopause, menopause, etc.).

This is why at MiYé, we recommend massaging it regularly to stimulate the irrigation of the hair bulb and the micro-circulation of the scalp to stimulate the hair's soil and guarantee healthier cycles and hair in better shape.

Miyé x Emily's Pillow - How do hormones affect skin and hair?

What to do to manage hormonal fluctuations?

According to dermatologists, general practitioners and micro-nutritionists, they suggest that hormones react to external aggressions (stress, irregular sleep, poor diet, endocrine disruptors, etc.). Hormones play the role of biological messenger between the different organs of our body. If their production by the endocrine glands is blocked, our entire physical and psychological balance can be disrupted.

There are actually two types of hormones that directly influence hair: estrogens, which participate in hair growth by prolonging the anagen phase, and androgens, which can in certain cases accelerate the life cycle of the hair and cause their premature fall

There is a non-greasy natural solution like our Densifying Anti-Hair Loss Serum, [MY] DENSIFYING ANTI-HAIR HAIR SERUM .

This hair serum has been designed to restore vitality and density to hair, while purifying the scalp and stimulating hair growth at the roots

Our skin and hair are part of an overall healthy lifestyle which must take into account our hormonal balance.

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