Know yourself to take care of yourself Alice Benoit

Alice Benoit from the Neuf en Soi-Numérologie account has for years been supporting individual women and professional project leaders committed to knowing themselves and developing their business thanks to her expertise in Numerology.

It helps them to develop personally and professionally to restore meaning and coherence to their life path.

Alice talks to us today about her approach, Sensitive Numerology ®, and shows us what Numerology is.

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Understanding Sensitive Numerology

At a time when the quest for meaning and balance is a real credo and need for more and more of us, to have concrete keys to consciously nourish who we are and what we are. we wish in our life, is essential.

Numerology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and personal development !

Reveal your Life Path with impact

Alice numérologie - Know yourself to take care of yourself Alice Benoit

Based on the study of your first and last names and your date of birth , it allows you to meet them in a new and revealing way thanks to the power of your personal numbers.

Called number science , it is a set of additions, subtractions, equations, algorithms which echo the idea that everything is number and mathematical in the Universe...

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Numerology is the study of this symbolic language, of your own personal identity, which has a unique vibration whose combinations influence every aspect of your life...

The better you know, the more you can listen to your needs, to what nourishes you and to what is meaningful to you.

These keys are essential elements to be able to realize yourself and fully connect to your Path of life!

Numérologie Alixe x Emily's Pillow - Know yourself to take care of yourself Alice Benoit