Silk or satin pillowcase?

When choosing your pillowcase , many hesitate between a silk or satin pillowcase, and because of their resemblance, we tend to confuse or compare them.

Often, satin is preferred because it is less expensive and silk has the reputation of being a luxury product; therefore, the choice is quickly made.

But what is it really? Which pillowcase should you prefer? And what are their differences?

Silk is a natural fiber obtained from the cocoons of silkworms, which is how its naturally soft and shiny fabric is made.

There are different types of silk such as organza or silk satin.

Satin is not a material or a fabric, but a weaving weave obtained from silk and used with a fiber such as cotton, silk, or even polyester... It is often found on the market under form of polyester satin, cheaper but also much less quality than silk.

We will explain to you the choice you need for your pillowcase .

Satin or silk: what are the differences?

Silk and satin are very present in the world of fashion and beauty.

These are timeless materials, always in tune with the times. Whether in clothing, nightgown, evening wear or hair accessories and many more.

But how are they different?

The first difference between a satin pillowcase and a silk pillowcase is that silk is much softer, higher quality and costs more.

Knowing that satin is a set of textiles formed by the same type of weaving, it is therefore possible that satin is made of silk or other materials such as synthetic polyester.

Indeed, more and more, the word “satin” is used to designate synthetic polyester. Polyester is a static and flammable material made from a chemical fiber derived from petroleum; it costs much less because it is easier to produce and uses inexpensive and low-quality resources.

If you decide to buy a satin pillowcase, always check what material it is first to avoid ending up with a satin woven synthetic polyester pillowcase.

Also, don't be fooled into thinking that by purchasing a cheaper satin pillowcase, you will get the same benefits as with silk pillowcases.

Taie d'oreiller pure soie de murier noir - Silk or satin pillowcase?

Silk pillowcases , like the material itself, are thermoregulating and do not absorb humidity unlike polyester satin which practically does not absorb humidity, which means that if you sweat during the night , your pillowcase will be damp which is not very pleasant.

With silk in summer you cool down and in winter you warm up while polyester is very warm all the time.

So yes, buying silk is an investment, but an investment that is worth it and which will bring you significant benefits for your skin, your hair and your health in general.

The benefits of a silk pillowcase for the body

Silk is a material that contains a lot of benefits helping to reveal your natural beauty.

Maintaining your skin and hair doesn't just happen when you wake up and during the day. It also happens and especially at night.

Indeed, it is during the night that the skin secretes sebum, rests and regenerates. Thanks to its 18 amino acids, silk has a huge benefit for the well-being of your body: your skin, your hair. It is a soft and very resistant material, it helps you sleep better at night, but also to maintain your body.

The silk pillowcase has all the properties necessary for softer skin, which will help it breathe better and regenerate while you sleep.

taie d'oreiller en soie Emily's Pillow - Silk or satin pillowcase?

In addition, silk is an undeniable anti-aging agent and is hypoallergenic, it delays the appearance of wrinkles and does not leave “sleep creases”, which are becoming more and more frequent due to poor quality pillowcases. quality.
These sleep creases can cause your skin to wrinkle and become irritated. Silk protects the skin against acne and redness caused by friction during the night. If you apply night care products such as a mask or moisturizer, silk does not absorb the products, unlike cotton and other textiles.

With the silk pillowcase you will never have this problem again, silk protects your skin and makes it even more radiant and prevents you from permanent wrinkles.

It is also an ally for your hair . !!!

The silk pillowcase: an ally for your hair

Unlike cotton fabrics, silk fabrics allow your hair to “glide” avoiding possible creases as well as excessive friction.

The silk pillowcase prevents you from detangling your hair in the morning, in fact, thanks to silk, your hair will tangle less during the night, because it follows the movements of your head more easily. Thus, knots will be less frequent and hair loss will become increasingly rare, this way your hair will be even more vibrant and supple. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, silk will allow you to keep your hair smooth and soft in the early morning by limiting static electricity. Silk protects and firms curly, straight, afro or frizzy hair but also brittle or dry hair, it captures moisture and hydrates your hair.

The silk pillowcase, unlike cotton, helps moisturize the hair , regardless of your hair type.

Silk is a natural material, healthier, more comfortable and it protects your skin as well as your hair. Satin comes from silk, but can contain other materials that are much less beneficial for you, so it's up to you to choose a silk or satin pillowcase?

Our choice is already made, any clue?