Curly hair: 10 reasons to adopt the silk pillowcase now

Just like skin, your hair just as much needs to be taken care of. Curly hair has very specific needs. If you have curly hair, taking care of your curls daily is very important and perhaps tiring at the same time, in fact, curly hair is considered very fragile.

The silk pillowcase has as many benefits for the skin as it does for the hair. If silk is very smooth and gentle on the skin, it is also gentle on the hair.

But the silk pillowcase is not only for people with curly hair, in fact, if you have tangled, brittle, dry or even irritated hair, the 19 momme silk pillowcase from Emily's Pillow is also made for you.

If you have curly hair, you know how difficult it is to keep it healthy and maintain it. With the silk pillowcase, difficulty becomes ease. The mulberry silk pillowcase is the solution you need to keep your hair curly.

Without further ado, we are going to give you 10 good reasons to adopt the silk pillowcase when you have curly hair.

1 - Guaranteed hair hydration

Silk is hydrophobic, thanks to 18 amino acids. These amino acids help preserve the hydration of your hair naturally. A silk pillowcase will maintain the hydration of your curly hair without absorbing your hair routine.

Unlike cotton pillowcases and synthetic pillowcases which absorb moisture, silk allows your hair to preserve its natural moisture. That is, your curls will remain hydrated and much less likely to be broken.

Mulberry silk is also well known for its moisturizing properties. No more long hair routines, the 19 momme silk pillowcase from Emily's Pillow is THE solution you absolutely need in your everyday life, especially if you want to continue to obtain the benefits of your hair routines such as your oil baths.

Hair is healthier thanks to silk

Emily's Pillow - Curly hair: 10 reasons to adopt the silk pillowcase now

Additionally, did you know that your hair secretes natural protections and that fabrics other than silk, like cotton, could absorb them? Only silk allows these natural protections to do their job.

Goodbye to classic pillowcases which quickly dry out your hair, absorb your routine and your natural protections.

2 - Maintaining curls in shape

The curls must stay in place to maintain their definition and pretty shape. The silk allows your hair to glide over the silk pillowcase without snagging, which further preserves its shape.

No more excuses, you now know the solution to keep the magnificent bounce of your curls when you wake up.

3 - Guaranteed hair shine

One of the reasons why silk pillowcase is great for curly hair is that it can help make hair shinier. Indeed, silk will make your hair shinier naturally thanks to its many virtues. Since silk does not absorb sebum from the hair, it remains shiny.

The silk pillowcase will be your best ally for many years.

Taie d'oreiller en soie Léopard - Curly hair: 10 reasons to adopt the silk pillowcase now

4 - The silk pillowcase prevents frizz on your curly hair

The fourth reason that we will mention is that the 19 momme silk pillowcase prevents frizz on your hair, in fact, as we mentioned above, silk is a very soft material. The latter allows the hair to slide on the pillowcase, which means no more frizz!

Did you know that frizz can be a big problem? They are not just an aesthetic disadvantage. In fact, they can be bad for the health of your hair since frizz damages your hair cuticle.

When cuticles are damaged, hair is more susceptible to breakage. Additionally, frizz is often caused by damaged cuticles that fail to maintain the hair's natural moisture, subsequently leading to dry, brittle hair, and this can lead to loss of volume and shine, where the need to use a silk pillowcase.

Likewise, it should be noted that frizz can also be caused by external factors such as the use of a cotton or synthetic pillowcase.

You understand, having frizz is not good for the health of your hair, and the silk pillowcase is a solution to avoid it.

Taking care of your hair is part of everyday life

taie d'oreiller en pure soie - Curly hair: 10 reasons to adopt the silk pillowcase now

5 - Mulberry silk pillowcase does not tangle curly hair

When you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, the cotton fibers can rub against your hair, which subsequently causes terrible tangles. Additionally, curly hair is known to get tangled much faster than other hair types. This is how the silk pillowcase plays a fundamental and crucial role.

The mulberry silk pillowcase prevents hair from tangling, because it is smooth, soft and does not retain moisture on your hair.

It is renowned for being an essential and indispensable product for having healthy, tangle-free hair. This is, moreover, one of the reasons we love it!

As you have noticed, this pillowcase is really not like the others.

6 – The silk pillowcase prevents hair loss

Firstly, since silk is a smooth and soft fiber, it allows your curly hair to slide easily over the silk pillowcase rather than getting tangled as discussed above. The fact that it prevents your hair from getting tangled helps prevent hair loss.

7 – Silk pillowcase helps prevent split ends

The silk pillowcase is very often recommended to prevent split ends in both curly and straight hair.

Split ends are very common when hair is rubbed excessively against a rough surface. The silk pillowcase therefore helps to minimize rubbing and friction, thanks to the smooth and soft nature of silk.

Also, unlike cotton pillowcases, silk does not strip moisture from hair. When you sleep on a silk pillowcase, your hair retains its natural moisture, which helps prevent your split ends from destabilizing.

The silk pillowcase is an excellent solution to prevent split ends and after purchasing it, you will no longer be able to part with it.

8 – Silk pillowcase is durable

The silk pillowcase lasts over time, thanks to its quality and its very precious nature. The silk pillowcase is a good long-term investment. From the moment you purchase an Emily's Pillow silk pillowcase, it is obvious that it will be durable over time.

It will accompany you for at least the next five years minimum. You will therefore be able to enjoy all the benefits that the pillowcase provides for your curly hair for a long time, without breaking the bank.

Chemise en soie - Curly hair: 10 reasons to adopt the silk pillowcase now

By purchasing our silk pillowcase, you stop spending money on pillowcases every three months. Emily's Pillow thinks of everything for your daily well-being.

9 – The silk pillowcase reduces hair irritation

One of the reasons that will make you want to get a silk pillowcase is that it reduces hair irritation, thanks to the soft and smooth fiber of silk.

Did you know that hair irritation can have several consequences such as itching, hair loss, and significant sensitivity to the hair?

First, hair can become extremely irritated from friction, which can cause breakage and irritation to the scalp. On the other hand, silk is a soft and pleasant material, allowing the hair to slide, which also prevents irritation, as previously mentioned several times during this article.

This is why using a mulberry silk pillowcase is the solution you absolutely need to avoid these problems. This is, moreover, one of the reasons we love it!

10 - Silk is naturally an antistatic fiber

The last point we will mention is that silk is also a naturally antistatic fiber, meaning it helps reduce the static electricity that builds up on your pretty hair. This last element also helps prevent frizz and preserve the appearance of curly hair .

Did you know why your hair has static electricity?

First of all, it is necessary to know that dry air tends to dry out the hair and create static electricity. Likewise, the finer your hair, the more likely you will be to have static electricity. Thus, the silk pillowcase is antistatic. Isn't that magical?

Silk, a breathable material

No more classic pillowcases that quickly dry out your pretty hair, absorb your creams, undo your curls or even break your pretty hair. The silk pillowcase helps maintain hydration, your curls, hair shine and much more .

Are you still hesitating to get a silk pillowcase from Emily's Pillow ?

Silk is, in fact, more expensive, but not more than what you will spend to avoid your hair problems and the constant purchase of classic pillowcases.

You try to take care of your curly hair, through many tricks, but nothing works. Do you have sensitive and brittle hair? Do you feel a certain frustration because all the care you are doing is useless, or do you have the feeling that your efforts are leading to nothing and above all you have the impression of throwing money out the window? Try the silk pillowcase from Emily's Pillow. Your hair will thank you. The first results are visible quite quickly.

Note: It is important to point out that other factors can have an impact on the health of your curly hair, such as stress, poor treatment or even poor diet, the pillowcase alone does not may not be sufficient.